• December 1, 2023

Modding Diary – Gender Reveal Party Guessing Game


Hi Guys! I hope you all are well.

This week I created a guessing game for the gender reveal party that guests can participate in.

you can purchase this party glasses from build and buy


and it has two swatches


you can click on the buckets and select “take A Guess”. sims should also do this autonomously when they are in close proximate to the buckets


your sim will put a pair or blue or pink party glasses


and they will get a moodlet depending on which colored glasses they are wearing (there are a total of 8 moodlets for each colored glasses)


you can also click on the bucket and switch sides if you want your sin to wear the other color



and your sims moodlet will change accordingly


child sims can also participate in this activity, however they wont get any moodlets as of right now



if you want your sims to take off their glasses you can just click on them and select “Remove Glasses”


and that is all I have for this week.

I wish I could have done more but unfortunately I spent the majority of the week getting stuck on another issue 😔some of you might remember last week(or was it the week before? im losing track) I ran into an issue where the cake cutting animation wouldnt play properly once I turned it into my own interaction, while I was able to fix it, I realized a new issue has occurred: Since I created my cake cutting interaction based on the “cut wedding cake with..” interaction from My Wedding Story, my interaction wont play unless My Wedding Story is installed 🥲obviously that’s going to be a problem because I try to make my interactions as BGC as possible, the child birth mod already requires Get to Work, I dont want it to required My Wedding Story too, especially if its just because of this one interaction. Ive tried fixing it in every way I could think of, but nothing has worked so far. So I think I’m going to have to get creative.

I would like to release this update in 2 weeks of time preferably, but please be patient if it ends up taking a few extra days.  I know I will be able to get it done much faster if I work at night and on the weekends🤐 but Im trying really hard to resist the urge to do that because Im not risking getting burnout again.

As always, thank you all for your patient and support! Have a wonderful weekend!

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Thank you for all you do! I love all your mods!!


Hello PandaSama so I’m a simmer and I cannot afford to buy Ur membership and I was looking on Ur patreon for the gender reveal Release date and I couldn’t find it so when I found it it says that the release date was coming next week and the day you posted it was December 15th It’s been almost two weeks because it’s December 26th, 2023 .


That was for early access. it was a week until early access was released which it was then released on the 21st. public access will be coming probably sometime after the new year considering pandasama does deserve to take a break after early access release to enjoy the holidays


Keep up the amazing work! You are becoming more popular on sims 4 pages :)


Hello! The gender reveal portion of the mod isn’t working for me. All the objects show up, but the pie menu options are blank. Even the popups, notifications, and moodlets pop up but are blank. Do you know why this could be happening?


hey i dont see the download… can you help me please


Hii, I really like your work, creating things from scratch can be very challenging, although I can’t help you financially, I always talk about your mod to friends. I wanted to make a suggestion (someone may have already said the same), just as you can make the stretch marks permanent, are you thinking about making the c-section cut permanent too? it would be nice😊

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