• October 21, 2023

Modding Diary – Cake Cutting Draft Animation


Hi guys! I hope you all are well!

This week I started working on the cake cutting animation for the gender reveal update!😊

I have about 60% of the animation finished, and I wanted to show you what I have so far.

As always please keep in mind this is a work in progress, there are no facial expressions yet and you will see some clipping as I have not added IK either (inverse kinematics)

at the beginning of the interaction both sims will stand in front of the cake

1 2

and both are excited for what’s about to happen next

2 2

3 2


they would look at the sims who are watching them

4 2

and look at each other as they begin the cake cutting

5 2

the pregnant sim will take out a knife

6 2


the partner sim will lean in closer while putting their hand on the pregnant sims back

7 2

They hold the knife together

8 2

9 2


and begin cutting the cake

10 2

11 2

the pregnant sim will take out a cake spatula

12 2

13 1

and she looks at the other sims for a brief moment before lifting up the cake to build a little extra bit of anticipation



then she finally lifts it up and reveals the color of the cake



she then puts it down after everyone has seen the color of the cake



and that’s all I have so far. There will be another 10 seconds or so to this animation where both sims would go in for a side hug to celebrate which is what I will be working on next week. Im pretty happy with how this is turning out so far, and sorry my sims look so dead inside since I haven’t added the facial expressions yet, I assure you they will be nothing but overjoyed by next week >:)

on another note, I think I finally have an idea on how I can fix the read to baby interaction. I will be working on that next week along with the rest of this animation.

Thank you all for always being so patient and supportive, if you have any questions or suggestion feel free to leave a comment!


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