Checking For Mod Duplicates

This Tutorial teaches you how to use MC system info log to check if you have duplicates of the childbirth mod

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 1
Why I am making this tutorial

Every time I make an update the child birth mod I will spend the following weeks having conversations like this:

Simmer: xyz isn’t working after the update

Me: Did you delete the old version

Simmer: Yes I did

Me:Can you send me a system info log using mccc.

Simmer: ya here it is [sends file].

Me: you still have [old version] in your mods folder, you have to find it and delete it.

Simmer: oops

Now I don’t mind helping people, but having the same conversation over and over, multiple times a day can makes me feel like I’m going crazy, especially when people refuse to believe they have old versions until I show them the evidence in MC info log. To save us both some time, I will teach you how to check if you have old versions of the child birth mod using MCCC.


Step 2
Go in game and find a sim

You must already have MCCC  installed and updated. Go in game, find a sim and click on MC Command Center

Open Mc Command Center in the Sims 4
Find System Info Log in MC Command Center
Step 3
Find Logging Commands

Click on “Sim Commands” – “Logging Commands” – “System Info Log”.

Step 4
You Will See An In-Game Notfication

After clicking on System info log you should see your menu flashing once, and when you open the notification center you should see a notification saying the System Information log have been created.

System Info Log Confirmation
Locate the System Info Log
Step 5
Navigate to your MCCC folder

You should see a file named mc_systeminfo.html in your McCmdCenter folder, double click to open it with your browser

Step 6
Click on "Full Mod List"

Once Open, click on “Full Mod List“, and expand both “Script Mods” and “Tuning Mods“, it will list every single mod and cc you have in game.

Open the system info log
Search for specific mods in the system info log
Step 7
Type in pandasama_childbirth

Press “Ctrl + F” (or Cmd + F on mac)  on your keyboard to do a text search and type in pandasama_childbirth

Step 8
Locate the old version and delete it

You should only have one file named Pandasama_Childbirth.ts4script under Script Mod, and one file named Pandasama_ChildBirth_mod_V[version number].package under Tuning Mods.If your results under tuning mods looks like this image, you will know you have more than one version installed, you must locate the old version and delete it. Translation files are not duplicates even if they have pandasama_childbirth in their name. If you need further assistance please reach out to my discord Server.

Check for duplicates in the system info log
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