How To Ask For Help

Here's a tutorial on how to ask for help in the most efficient way.

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 1
Why Am I making this tutorial

I want to help you as soon as possible but I can’t do that unless you tell me exactly what it is that you need help with. 90% of the time when someone ask for my help its always because of one of the five reasons:

1) The mod is not installed correctly.

2)There are old version of the childbirth mod/translation in their mods folder.

3)They forgot how something works or didn’t read the instructions.

4) They confused the childbirth mod with another mod (usually RPO).

5)They don’t have Get To Work installed.

Step 2
How To Ask For Help Properly

Doing so will benefit us both

Describe exactly what you see on the screen.

A good example:

“Hey, I downloaded the new update of the child birth mod but all the text for the new objects are empty, some of them are hidden in debug, none of the new interactions work”(don’s say: the update isn’t working)

“Hey my sim can’t take a pregnancy test, I can see the “take pregnancy test” from the game but not the one from your mod” (Don’t say: The pregnancy test isn’t working)

“The childbirth settings menu isn’t there when I click on my sim”(Don’t say: Childbirth settings isn’t working)

“Nothing happens when I click on Call Obstetrician”(Don’t say: my sim refuse to call the obstetrician)

Step 3
How NOT To Ask For Help Properly

Doing so will frustrate us both

Being vague and refusing to provide details:

“Hey your mod is not working can you help” (Try this: the option to call the obstetrician is not there, or whatever you mean by “not working”)

“None of the interactions are showing up”(Try this: I don’t see any options related to the child birth mod when clicking on my sim. Tips: there aren’t supposed to be any, the childbirth settings menu is hidden in debug and requires shift click)

“I just updated and nothing is working”(Try this: I can’t find any of the new items from the update and the new interactions are causing my sims to wave their hand in the air)

“my sim refuse to give birth”(Try this: the interaction cancels itself when I click on “give birth”)

“the mod is not showing up in my game” (Try this: I don’t see the mod in the list of mods and custom content on startup)

Step 4
But Why?

There are no universal fix for “it’s not working“, because people mean different things when they say the mod “isn’t working”. Each of the five common mistakes mentioned in Step 1 requires a different fix, but all can be described as the mod “not working”.

Story time:

There has been several times in the past where I spend hours helping someone who said “none of the interactions are showing up,” hours. We went through all kinds of debugging, it was frustrating and by the end I was starting to wonder if there’s something wrong with my mod. Turns out they confused the childbirth mod with RPO, and were looking for interactions like surrogacy and pregnancy wishes. 💀 I give those experiences a 0/10 and would rather not go through it again.


Step 5
Try And Believe Me

When I give you an answer to your issue, please try and some faith in me, and believe maybe I know what I am talking about. If I had a dollar every time someone said “I know how to install mods, this is not my first time” “I deleted the old version/I just downloaded this mod for the first time today” “I didn’t download any Thai translation from curseforge??” but turns out they were wrong, I’d have a lot of dollars. This also applies when I tell you something isn’t caused by the childbirth mod, no, the childbirth mod cannot break all your coffee machines or set your hamster on fire. Sometimes people can have tens of thousands of files in their mods folder, it’s normal to miss things or forget you have an old version somewhere, this is why I made a tutorial to teach you how to find old version.

So please, reorganize your words and describe your issue with as many details as possible.

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