• June 24, 2021

Toddler Creativity Pack


Update 03-14-2023

Fixed a minor error on the rock-a-stack for the infant patch

Update 10-28-2021

Added a Halloween updated to the crafting table and drawing pad

Chinese translation by Cloves fish updated by GreenOnionC

Czech translation by Mika Aoi Lovett

Danish translations (partial) by julesthedane

Dutch translation by Jill Toetje

French Translation by Kimikosoma can be downloaded here 

Italian translation by Lory Na can be downloaded here

Polish translations by kolorfobia

Portuguese (Brazil) by annabprp

Spanish Translation by CindySims 

Swedish Translations by namelessperson98


Fixed the french translations for toddler drawing supply

07.20.2021 Toddler drawing pad updated for cottage living update, all other files in this pack are unaffected, to update just re-download the drawing pad file from this post and replace the old file in your mods folder.

Crafting Table now says toddler-only in the catalogue


  • fixed an issue that cause the “play” option to appear on the xylophone and rock-a-stack for children sims and adult with a childish trait D: sorry toddlers only

Hello guys! After weeks of sleepless nights I finally finished this pack and I cannot be more excited. Aside from the cow mod, this is probably the most complex pack I have ever made, I created a total of 55 animation clips just for this pack D :

here are all the objects introduced one by one:




This is a toddler only object and it comes in 7 swatches. I made it because it is the most basic  toy a toddler can have yet it is missing in the sims4 :/


if a toddlers thinking skill is level 1-2, they wont be able to stack correctly (see image on the right)

if their thinking skill is level 3 or higher, then they will stack it correctly.

they will get one of two moodlets depending on their skill level:





This was suggested by one of my patreon, and I had a lot of fun making it! Especially when I was recording the sound using garage band lol It was a lot of work getting those sound ready but it is totally worth it!



Again this object is tied to thinking skill. Toddler with a thinking skill of 1-2 will play short tunes and are more likely to hit a single note at a time. Toddler with a thinking skill of 3 or higher will play recognizable tunes!

And they will get one of two moddlets depending on their skill level:



Toddler Drawing Supply

3eb05d0a5e0579899abdeedab51c544eThis idea also came from some of my patreons. I was pretty surprised to learn that toddlers can’t use the crafting table, I always thought they could! but I guess that’s just one of the things I imagined (like when I thought sleeping bags existed in the game.)


there are a total of 8 drawings a toddler can make by themselves. yes I added “draw corona” as an option, because kids are random and its my way to remember this crazy year and a half we have had.


when a toddler is drawing alone, adult sims can click on them and “encourage” them


they will then stand near by and mentor them, this will increase their relationship and increase parenting skill if you have the parenthood pack.


occasionally the adult might get a “great teacher” moodlet.


sims of ALL ages can help a toddler sim draw




This will allow the toddler to create unique drawings that they can’t do by themselves!

there are a total of five unique drawings. I dont want to spoil what these drawings look like :D


once they are done the helper will get a moodlet like this if they are a toddler or a child


or a moodlet like this if they are teen-elder.


the toddler that did the drawing will get a moodlet like this.


you can also name the drawing once you are done.



if you do that, you will see the name appear when you hover over the drawing.

annnnnnd if your toddler is very hungry…..(their hunger has to be red)


an option called “eat crayon” will appear, your toddler might do this autonomously as well, so watch out!


they will proceed to eat a crayon…


and get a tummy ache D :

it does fill their hunger a tiny little bit tho

Toddler Crafting Station


finally, the toddler crafting station.


there are a total of 5 things they can craft, each is unlocked with a higher level of imagination skill. spoiler alert, the thing on the bottom right is possibly the best cutest thing I have ever made, seeing it in game was the best moment of my entire modding process for this project.

two of the objects can be played with like a toy, the other 3 are just decorative objects.

if you made it to this part of the post, thank you for all your patience and thank you for supporting me! The last two months has been crazy, not getting the changing table to work after spending a whole month on it was really hard on me. I hate feeling like I wasted my time : ( but Im not giving up yet, I will spend another week on it and see if I can solve the issue I was having, because I just hate not being able to finish my projects lol

also, is anyone interested in submitting their kids’ drawings and crafts for me to add them to this mod? that way you will be able to share your kid’s creation with the rest of the community and keep them in the sims4 forever. Please leave a comment if you are interested!

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