• May 29, 2023

Childbirth Mod – Early Pregnancy Update (get to work is REQUIRED)


07-18-2023 Update:

  • Updated for the Horse Ranch patch
  • Fixed an issue that caused Pronouns to not appear when playing in a language other than English

The Early Pregnancy update is here!

As always,

Delete the old version before putting this update in your mods folder, do not rely on “replace” cuz it don’t work,

This update adds five new interactions for pregnant sims.

Chinese Translation by MeowCats can be downloaded here

Czech translations by Repli can be downloaded here

Danish Translation by DidiS93 can be downloaded here

Brazilian Portuguese translations by Suuhrprise can be downloaded here 

Brazilian Portuguese translation by Vólusims can be downloaded here

Brazilian Portuguese translation by mutsvki can be downloaded here

French translations by KimikoSoma can be downloaded here

German translation by TOX_Pack can be downloaded here

Italian translation by Isy can be downloaded here

Polish translation by Livi can be downloaded here 

Spanish translation by RoshySim can be downloaded here 

Spanish translations by CarmillaLaVampira can be downloaded here

1.Check Baby Bump

Pregnant sims can checkout their own baby bump using a mirror, they will get a moodlet after doing so and the moodlet varies depending on the trimester and whether or not they want the pregnancy (using RPO)



2. Say Hi to Baby

Sims age toddler and up can now say hi to the baby with brand new animation. This interaction can be found under “Friendly-Small Talk“(30+ friendship is required). This interaction can be performed by sims who do not “hate children”( or do not have unwanted sibling or grandchildren using RPO). Toddler and child sims may also reject the interaction if you ask them when they are in a bad mood, so either wait till they are feeling better or take control of them and force them to do the interaction. The sim saying hi will get a moodlet after the interaction, siblings and grandparents who perform this interaction also have a chance to receive unique moodlets



3.Belly Hug

This interaction can be found under “Romance-Physical Intimacy“(30+ Romance is required), both sims will receive a moodlet as long as they don’t hate children or have an unwanted pregnancy using RPO.



4. Read to Baby

This interaction can be found when you click on the bed(30+ Romance is required), both sims will receive a moodlet as long as they don’t hate children or have an unwanted pregnancy using RPO.



5. Play Music For Baby

You can find the Baby Bump Headphones by searching headphones or Pandasama in build and buy. This interaction allows your sim to play music to their baby and your sim will find a place to sit down once you initiate this interaction. They may also use the headphones when they are rocking on a rocking chair, to do so first click on  a rocking chair and select “rock“, then select the headphones and choose “play music for baby”.



6. Stroke belly idle animation

your sim will now randomly stroke their belly if you have ever called the obstetrician and choose anything other than “surgery machine”. This is an idle animation that may play when your sim is standing, sitting, rocking on a rocking chair, or bathing, and it will only play once every 60-80 sim minutes to avoid spamming. This is an autonomous animation, so you can’t trigger it by hand.




they have 20% chance of getting one of the baby kick moodlets after they enter the second trimester


7. Settings

With this update you can now choose the level of milk supply in childbirth settings. This option will only show up if your sim is lactating, and because their level of milk supply gets re-rolled every time your sim gives birth, you will might need to repeat this setting each time they start lactating.



if you have any questions please leave a comment, send me a dm, or join my discord 

🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡Download Link:🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡


💜💜Backup Download if my website doesnt work:💜💜


update log:

07-05-2023 Update:

  • I believe I finally fixed the bug where midwives would return after being dismissed or fired
  • Fixed an issue that caused teen sims to not get milk stains
  • Fixed an issue that caused high lactation sims to get duplicate empty moodlets, like this

06-23-2023 Update:

  • Fixed an issue that caused sims to remove their top completely during ultrasound
  • Fixed an issue that caused babies to remain invisible after home birth unless you move the bassinet

06-17-2023 Update:

  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to throw LE after getting a working epidural

06-16-2023 Update:

  • Fixed an issue that caused lactation to keep coming back to sims who have stopped breastfeeding and pumping
  • Fixed a couple of typos
  • The “check baby bump” interaction now only shows up for sims who are pregnant
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