• April 30, 2022

Child Birth Mod V2a – Twin Animation Update


🌸this is an older version, please check my patreon post for the newest version.🌸

This is animation update for the twin animation only, I will explain what this update includes and why I am releasing this update on its own

This update enables twin animation for sims who are pregnant with 2 or more babies. 







there are also 4 new moodlets added for the pregnant sim and the companion sim (Note: these moodlets will not appear if your sim is having an unwanted or indifferent pregnancy using Woohoo Wellness) 

Natural Birth Moodlets:



C-Section Moodlets:



Important : 

  • Make sure to delete the old package file and script file before putting the new ones in  
  • I have noticed speeding up the game when the sim is laying down on the birth bed can sometimes cause the twin animation to fail to play. Try not to speed it up until after the birth animation has started.

Some of you might remember I initially planned on releasing a big update to add the twins and triplets animation as well as more early birth activities. However I have been feeling very stressed out lately because I feel like I am spending too much time making the animation, and it is pushing the planned update further and further back. it is make me feel like I have to rush things or pick and choose what I can or can’t make so that I can be on schedule and not keep you guys waiting. Releasing smaller updates as I go can help me feel more motivated and engaged, I will be able to share the things I make with you guys as soon as it is finished.  and I hope it will also help me to feel less stress and not feel like I am always in a rush. 😅

This twins update is in early access from now until May 7th. You can expect the triplets update to come out around mid May.

unzip the .zip file and nothing else PLEASE DO NOT UNZIP .ts4script


(the ones that says “can be downloaded here” are translations that have to be downloaded separately, follow the link to download the translation file and place it in your mods folder along with the child birth mod)

Polish Translation by livi-sims can be downloaded here 

French translations and instructions by KimikoSoma can be downloaded here (updated for v2a)

Simplified Chinese translations by GreenOnionC can be downloaded here 

Traditional Chinese by MeowCats can be downloaded here 

Dutch Translations by Jill Toetje

German translations by Tabu La Rasa can be downloaded here

Italian translations by ISY

Spanish Translations by Simlish⁴

additional Spanish translations by CindySim

Brazilian Portuguese by NathanSims can be downloaded here (updated for v2a)

Make sure to download both the script and the package file for this update.

and yes you need to delete the old files before putting the new ones in

IF YOU CAN’T CALL THE OBSTETRICIAN follow this tutorial to make sure your script file is installed correctly: https://www.patreon.com/posts/64133309

For Mod Conflict and common mistakes please visit here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/65526605 

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