• January 20, 2023

Child Birth Mod – Ultrasound Update(Get to work is required)



❤🧡💛💚💙💜 https://www.pandasama.com/child-birth-mod/ ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

03-20-2023 Update

  • Fixed an error that caused sims to give birth through their hospital gown during natural labor
  • Added a fail safe to make sure sims are teleported home immediately after hospital birth
  • Babies will now be born in the newer bassinet when doing home birth

Growing together bug fix:

  • Sims will now get the “had a baby” milestone after giving birth using the child birth mod
  • sims will now get the baby hand print picture after giving birth

Im looking to see if there’s a way add back the missing milestone for babies who are already born, but i have not been able to figure it out so far.

Chinese translations by MewoCats can be downloaded here 

Brazilian translations by Vólusims can be downloaded here

French Translations by Kimiko Soma can be downloaded here

German Translations by Simsplayer2011 can be downloaded here

German Translations by TOX_PACK can be downloaded here

Italian Translations by ISY can be downloaded here

Italian Translation by The Simmer can be downloaded here 

Spanish Translations by Simlish can be downloaded here 

Polish Translations by Livi can be downloaded here 

This update will be public on Feb 10th

🥺🥺🥺Please read the instructions🥺🥺🥺

🥺🥺🥺Please read the instructions🥺🥺🥺

Delete old versions before putting this one in

1. When a sim becomes pregnant they can share the pregnancy news with a romantic partner by showing them the pregnancy test, you can find this interaction under “Romance


the animation has three versions: if none of the sims have the “hates children” trait (or unwanted pregnancy using RPO) they will both be happy about the pregnancy.

if either one has the “hates children” trait (or unwanted pregnancy using RPO) they be unhappy about the pregnancy.


2. Sims can go get an ultrasound scan when they are pregnant



After arriving at the hospital you will need to enter the bb.enablefreebuild cheat code to enter build and buy mod to purchase an ultrasound machine. Follow this tutorial if you do not know how to use cheat code


look up “Ultrasound machine” if you do not see it in build and buy


place it down somewhere in your hospital


you can then click on it and start your ultrasound



if you brought a birth partner with you they should join your sim automaticall


if they dont, take control of them, click on your sim and select “joi


your sim will get an ultrasound scan after the interaction , you can show it to a friend, hang it on the wall, add a frame to it, or put it on a desk


3. After you get an ultrasound scan you can then share the pregnancy news with friends and families. This interaction can be found under “friendly” and you must make sure the ultrasound scan is in your sim’s inventory



4.Sims can now nap together with another sim on the couch if they have 30+ friendship or Romance



5.Pregnant sims can do pregnancy cuddles with their romantic partner



both sims will get a moodlet as long as they don’t hate children

6. Sims might experience birth emergencies during home birth, there’s a 10% chance this will happen to a sim pregnant with 1 baby, and a 30% to a sim pregnant with multiples, you will see this notification and moodlet to let you know your sim might be experiencing a stalled birth.

their dilation will slow down during stalled birth, but there is a chance it will return to normal after an hour.



if you have a midwife, asking them to check on the baby will speed things up



and they will tell you this if your sim do need an emergency C-Section


you will get a pop up that asks you to go to the hospital


however if you do not want to go to the hospital, just click on the close button on the top right corner, and things will return to normal, there is no penalty for doing so and your sim wont die.


your sim will get a moodlet after arriving at the hospital and they should get epidural and c-section autonomously, if they don’t just ask the doctors manually



7.Sims will now get stretchmarks once they enter the third trimester, stretchmarks will fade completely in 3 sim days, you can disable stretchmarks or make it permanent in child birth settings


sims who get c-sections will get c-section scars which will fade in 4 sim day


8. Sims can now do unassisted birth, to do so place down a bassinet of your choice,  when you sim is fully dilated you will be able to choose “unassisted Birth”. Once you do that your sim will start giving birth immediately at where they are standing. ‼️‼️Make your sim stand up before clicking ”unassisted birth” ‼️‼️ they will not walk next to the bassinet or face the bassinet. the animation only supports 1 baby but all babies will be added to your household



9. Sims will no longer have the red beating heart icon above their head, it is replaced by sparkles around their feet



10. You can find cheats to disable birth emergencies or stretchmarks in the child birth settings menu


IF YOU CAN’T CALL THE OBSTETRICIAN follow this tutorial to make sure your script file is installed correctly: https://www.patreon.com/posts/64133309

For Known Mod Conflict and common mistakes please visit here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/65526605

01-20-2023 Update

  • Fixed an issue that was caused by me forgetting to add censors to unassisted birth 💀
  • Fixed an issued that caused sims to skip the unassisted birth animation if they are not standing when the interaction is initiated
  • Fixed an issue that caused C-section interaction to cancel itself after sim gets on the surgery table

Special Thanks to:


Lot 51


03-16.2023 Update

How the Infant Patch affected the child birth mod:

  • 😥The childbirth mod no longer knows the skin color of the baby being born, so you might see a mismatch between the baby in the bassinet and the baby during the birth animation, this is especially the case for babies with interracial parents. I dont have a fix for it right now but I will continue to look into it.
  • Babies born using unassisted birth are now born with a onesie on. 💀again im still looking for an alternative but it’s going to take time
  • Sims will teleport home immediately after giving birth at the hospital
  • Moved “ask to accompany child birth” to Friendly–  deep thoughts
  • Moved “pregnancy cuddle” to Romantic Physical Intimacy


  • you can now trigger birth emergency through child birth settings

Bug Fixes:

  • the stretchmarks and c-section scars will no longer make cc eyes turn brown
  • Fixed a miss icon issue for one of the ultrasound moodlet for players who are missing certain packs
  • Sims will no longer perform the pregnancy cuddle interaction on bunk beds
  • The water breaking moodlet will no longer cause LEs for sims who is in a rabbithole
  • moved the bassinet spawn point for bed birth closer to the bed to prevent it from overlapping with other objects and yeeting the baby to the middle of nowhere
  • Fixed an issue that caused sims to not be able to give birth during birth emergencies even after receiving the epidural
  • Actor sims will no longer take family leave automatically

02-09-2023 Update

  • fixed an issue that causes the friendly”share pregnancy news” interaction to show up for non-pregnant sims
  • Fixed a typo in the “cozy snuggle” moodlet
  • Fixed an issued that caused “pregnancy cuddle” to show up as “check dilation” in the interaction queue

Im currently looking into an issue that causes the game to crash during ultrasound or C-section, if you have this problem please join my discord and send me a message  https://discord.gg/Sk5j2yBJwX

02-20-2023 Update

  • Added the “Call companion sim” interaction to the phone under “social” for sims who are getting an ultrasound scan. Now if you NPC companion leave on arrival you can use this interaction to summon them back
  • Made an attempt to fix an error that causes players to find out the gender even when they chose not to in ultrasound settings.

01-27-2023 Update

  • Ultrasound machine no longer fades when zooming in
  • Other sims will do the panic animation when witnessing unassisted child birth
  • WW sex will increase dilation more than it did before
  • fixed an issue that caused the sparkles to not show up on the first try when clicking “start home birth”
  • Made an attempt to fix an issue that caused the midwife to return after being dismissed

01-22-2023 Update

  • you can now buy and place the ultrasound machine at home and have a sim with the doctors career give you an ultrasound without going to the hopsital
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “share pregnancy news” with friends animation to not play if RPO is installed

01-21-2023 Update

🆕Made an attempt to fix the crashing issue during ultrasound scan, ALL players must date get the update v1.37, until I can confirm the issue is fixed, you need to save your game any time before you head to the hospital to prevent yourself from losing progress if the game crashes❗❗



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