• September 26, 2021

Toddler Play Tunnel + Makeup Kit


Added German translations by andi_paradise(play tunnel only)

Added Dutch translations by Jill Toetje

Chinese translations by GreenOnionC

Brazilian Portuguese by Nathan Sims

Danish Translations by Julesthedane

French translations by Kimikosoma can be downloaded here

Spanish translations by CindySims

Swedish Translations by namelessperson98


Fixed a typo in the play tunnel moodlet that said “feelin”

Hi Guys! Hope you all are doing well!

Im so happy to share with you my latest toddler toys: toddler play tunnel and toddler makeup kit! I had a tone of fun making these two objects and I hope you will have just as much fun playing with them!

Toddler Play Tunnel


The play tunnel comes in a total of 12 swatches and I personally loved making these swatches and I love how they turned out.



Toddler can “play” the tunnel, which will let them crawl through the tunnel from one end to the other. They will do it a total of two times, and if they complete the two rounds without interruption, they will receive this moodlet. This interaction increases their movement skill.


This play tunnel is also a new napping spot


They will nap for about 40 minutes and receive this moodlet.


*if by any chance the napping animation looks really weird ( toddler swing from side to side), just shift click the object and reset object. Im still looking into why this is happening.

Makeup Kit

There is a script file for the makeup kit, be sure to install it correctly (no more than 1 folder deep) do not unzip the script file, failure to install correctly will result in you not being able to remove the makeup through taking a shower or a bath.


The makeup kit comes in 6 different swatches. I  wanted to make this because I had lots of funny memories playing with makeup with my friends as a kid, we were very bad at it obviously but most of time we were just giving each other unibrows for laughs. This is actually the object I was most excited about when I made the poll a while back. I might have been secretly hoping this will get the most amount of votes lol it didn’t but I’m just happy I finally got to work on it!


The makeup kit lets the toddler play with makeup, which will result in toddler putting “makeup” on themselves.



and they will get 1 of 12 different looks , this interaction decreases their hygiene but increases their imagination skill.

they will get this moodlet afterwards.



They can also give teen to elder sims a makeover. It has to be someone they have a little bit of friendship with in order for the interaction to be carried out successfully.



Their nails will also get painted. If the sim had manicure before the makeover, their manicure will be ruined and replaced by the nail polish put on by the toddler.

the toddler will get this moodlet


and the older sim will get this moodlet and be happy for a short 15 minutes


and get this moodlet for 5 hours which is also how long the makeup lasts. Their nail polish will last for 17 hours.


you can remove the makeup by either taking control of the sim and clicking on them then select “clean face”


or take a shower or a bath (cannot be a mud bath). You can also remove toddler’s makeup by giving them a bath.


*if other sim see you with the makeup on they will laugh at you.


The nail polish can be removed by taking control of the sim and clicking “remove painted nails”, or having your sim receive a new manicure.



The makeup kit can be placed in the toddler’s inventory to allow them to give makeovers to sims outside of their homes.

Finally a huge thank you to Frankk for being so generous and creating the script for the makeup kit.

Thank you so much for your support! I will see you soon with more updates on my next project! :D

06.30.2022 Update:

makeup kit:

🥚 Fixed an issue that caused toddlers to have un-removable makeup from the makeup kit when they age up from a baby.

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