• August 4, 2021

Toddler Changing Table



06-27-2023 Update

added a trashcan slot to the changing table

Polish Translations by livi-sims

Brazilian translations by Naty

Chinese translations by MeowCats

Danish translations by Zafireria

Dutch translations by Jill Toetje

French translations by Kimikosoma can be downloaded here  

Italian translation by Lory Na Traduzioni can be downloaded here 

Spanish translations by CindySims

Swedish Translations by namelessperson98

08.27.2021 update

No longer conflict with the seesaw mod thanks to Mizore Yukii  !! to get the update download the animation_injector_changingtable.ts4script and Pandasama_Toddler_Changing_Table.package and replace the old files


Added 4 new swatches to the frame: black, white, grey, pink(see image below for preview)


The changing table and cushion can now be found under kids furniture, and everything else can be found under kids misc decorations.


  • Changing diaper now no longer increase bladder needs, but it increases hygiene by a small amount
  • fixed a minor tuning error

Guys I cannot believe it is finally finished!! I did it! Lol

For those of you who dont know, I started working on this back in April, because this was one of the most requested item by my patreon, so I thought I  would give it a try. Little did I know this was going to be the most difficult thing I have ever done. I never expected such a simple thing would be sooooo hard to make.

Simply put, any interactions involving 2 sims and a large object is incredibly difficult, at the end I had to use a script for this object to function properly. Scripts are written with python and I dont know any python at all, but luckily the pancake1 was nice enough to let me use his script as a base since he was the only person  I’m aware of who has done a similar interaction (see his seesaw mod), so i wanna say a huge thank-you to him!! <3

this changing table can be used by teen-elder on toddler only. ( sorry not on babies, :( theres not much I can do as they are attached to the bassinet)

once you are in game search for “changing table” or “pandasama”, and you should see all 6 items related to the changing table.



Then make sure you place a cushion and a baby wipes on the top after you place the frame. then you can place the decorations on the bottom.

here are all the items as well as their swatch:





Baby Wipes


Diaper Basket


Folded Towel


Baby Lotion


I hope you guys enjoy! and be sure to let me know if you find any bugs!

03-30-2023 Update

  • Updated the changing table for the infant patch to use EA’s animation while also being Base game Compatible

04.09.2022 Update

  • 💗Got rid of the script.💗if you were previously having issues with route fail, this update should fix the problem
  • Fixed an issue that caused the animation to not play out completely
  • Fixed an issue that caused the adult sim to walk to the back of the changing table instead of the front before putting the toddler down.
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