• August 14, 2020

Toddler Bunk bed

Sleeping panda

02.14.21 Update: 

  • Added “assign bed” feature if top bunk is assigned to toddler or children, they will automatically go to sleep when they are tired.
  • Adjusted the color swatches of the bottom bunk frame to match better with the top frame
  • Increased the energy refill rate of the top bunk
  • Added zZZ effect when sim is asleep

to update just download the attachment and replace all old files under the same name

This update can also be downloaded on My TSR 

Hello guys, in the attachment of this post is the toddler bunk bed I have been working on.this package contains all 4 files in the free version as well as a Patreon only bunk bed ( so 5 files in total). 

There are slots on the shelf of the bottom bunk where you can place 2 large objects and 3 small objects. There are also slots under the stairs on the patreon-only bunk bed where you can place 5 small objects and 1 big object. 

Some thoughts

This project took longer than expected but I wanted to make sure it is made with quality. Toddlers get in and out of the bed in 2 different style of animations, and it is chance based which animation they use. kids can also use the top bunk!

 I apologize I couldn’t get the read to sleep function to work on the top bunk, I get very frustrated when I can’t get something to work, but  I know I will continue to grow and learn and I hope to come back to this project in the future and add those missing functions.

In case of route fail (arm waving, path blocked thought bubble)

if you are placing an object other than a bed under the top bunk, follow the instruction pdf included in the zip file.

if you are placing the bottom bunk bed in my package and are getting a route file, try clearing the object on the shelf of the bottom bed. 

once again thank you so much for being with me on this journey and supporting me. As for my next project, I am in the middle of confirming a potential collaboration with a very well know CC creator, I will reveal more details once very soon!

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