• March 13, 2023

Prepare for the infant patch

Sleeping panda

Hi guys! The infant patch is coming tomorrow and I am here to to remind you to prepare your mods folder for the infant patch.😊

This patch is likely going to break a lot of mods😨, my Childbirth mod, toddler changing table and toddler crib will for sure break, and my other toddler stuff might break as well. 

If you want to enjoy the patch (the new infant stage) immediately, I recommend you to remove all your mods before playing with the patch. Do you HAVE to remove all your mods? No, because I can’t force you to do anything, but if you see weird glitches in game after the patch you should know it’s likely caused by mods. 😥

Question 1: 🤔What does it mean to remove all your mods?

🟣 it means to move all your mods to a temporary location outside of your Mods folder, and play the game without any mods until the mod creator has either cleared their mod as unaffected by the patch, in which case you can put the mod back. Or wait till the creator to release an update, and you will need to download the new update and delete the old files you have.

Question 2: 🧐What happens when I play my game without any mods after getting the infant patch?

🟣 If you play with infant patch without any mods using the same save, you will be able to enjoy the game fully without worrying about your game breaking. However this means any moded features or objects you previously had will disappear from your game. For example, if you have my toddler stuff laid out on your lot, playing without mods will cause these objects to disappear and get replace with a random object. 

If you have my childbirth mod and your sim had ultrasound scans, their ultrasound photo will disappear forever. The game will forget everything related to the childbirth mod, including who their birth partner is, whether they have given birth before, etc.

Question 3: 😥What if I don’t want the modded features and objects to disappear forever?

🟣 The only way to do that while still be able to play with the infant patch is to remove all your mods and start a new save (do not delete your old save), and stay in that save until all your mods have been updated or cleared before moving back to your old save. You can start a new save in the main menu, and starting a new save basically means you are starting a brand new world, you will not have any of your old families or sims in there, but you will be able to play the infant patch using a new family without affecting your old save.

I hope this post help those of you who are unfamiliar with patches. And let me know if you have any questions. 

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