• December 15, 2021

Playful Toddler Pack


*the toddler crib is currently out of commission 

Swedish Translations by namelessperson98

GermanTranslations(partial) by andi_paradise

DutchTranslations by Jill Toetje

Spanish Translations by CindySims

French translations by Kimikosoma can be downloaded here

Brazilian Portuguese translations by NathanSims

Jan 31 Update:

  • Fixed another cause for the “Part_Owner” LE from the toddler Crib, it really should not give you the LE anymore but please let me know if it still does

Jan 20 Update:

  • Fixed another possible cause for the LE “Part_Owner” from the toddler Crib
  • changed the way the “sit” “sleep” “nap” “relax” appear in game, now they should only appear when the toddler is in the crib

Known Issues that Im still looking into:

  • Taking the toddler our of the crib then immediately giving them a bath, placing in the kiddie pool or toddler slide will cause the toddler to teleport back into the crib during the interaction. I have identified the cause but haven’t found a way to fix it 😕 best thing to do right now is reset object and reset the toddler before you give them a bath or do the other interactions.
  • Toddler waking up before energy is full
  • Toddler teleporting out repeatedly when in the crib

Dec 18 Update:

  • Fixed a LE “Part_owner” from the toddler crib
  • Added Spanish Translations by CindySims
  • Added French Translations by KimikoSoma
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translations by NathanSims

Dec 15 Update:

  • Removed live-drag from the toddler crib as it causes route fail. Going into build mode and moving the crib again does fix it but just get the update if you don’t want to accidentally moving the crib.
  • Fixed a typo in the toddler play dough moodlet


Hi guys! I am so happy to finally be able to share with you what I have been working on for the past month and a half.


Toddler crib:

I always know people have been wanting a functional crib for their little ones to sleep in, but i didn’t know if this is something I will ever be able to pull off. I started looking into making one at the end of September, and it looked very promising at the beginning so I spent all my free time to continue working on it in November. From there on it was a rollercoaster ride, there were times when Id  spend days getting stuck on one problem and it would make me wonder if I should just give up and work on something else instead. But after many failed attempts over the span of a whole month I was finally able to get it working. I’d like to give a special thanks to Mizore Yukii for helping me in the process and solving an issue that was bugging me for days. The crib can only be accessed from the left side.


There are a total of 12 swatches and there are 4  options when it is clicked on with an adult sim. if you select “put to bed”, the toddler will go to sleep immediately after being put in the crib. “Read to sleep” works just like it does on regular bed but be sure to place a chair nearby for the adult to sit on. and “put in crib” is for when you just want them in the crib but don’t want them to sleep.


The “Lock Crib” function is something I added just last week after seeing how many people were wanting  to use the crib to keep the toddler out of their hair lol if the crib is unlocked, adult sims will come and get the toddler as soon as they are ready to be let out, but if the crib is locked, adults will literally be unable to get to the toddler even if you direct them to pick them up.


This also applies in emergency situations. Be aware of the crib is locked and your house is on fire, no one will be able to get the toddler out, their crib will get burnt but the toddler will not die as they are fireproof.


Toddlers can use the bunny tablet, eat and drink while in the crib. To feed the toddler you have to drag  the food into their inventory and direct them to eat from there. * I have noticed toddler will teleport out immediately if you cancel their interaction when they are eating, drinking or playing on the tablet. I don’t have a solution for this currently. And occasionally they will escape by teleporting out for no reason, but its something that only happens in rare cases.

Toddler Car Track


This is a functional car track toy that can be played by up to 2 toddlers are the same time.


To do so you just direct the first toddler to play cars, then click on them and select “join play with cars”.


They may do this autonomously as well. They should both get a moodlet after playing.



Toddler playdough


This is something that was suggested by one of my patreon very recently. It functions much like the infamous clay blob, toddlers can mold the playdough and create an piece of “art work”,



they can then mold it again to turn it to something else. There are a total of 7 different things they can create.


(playdough rock-a-stack)


They will get this moodlet at the end.

Toddler Food Truck


This is probably my second favourite object from this set. Toddler can play by themselves driving the truck and cooking burgers.


playing with the food truck increases their creativity as well as giving them a moodlet.



Another sims (of any ages) can also do role play with the toddler by ordering a hamburger, a pizza or a donut.


They will come up to the toddler and make the order, the toddler will then go prepare the food and create a functional toy at the end depending on what was ordered.



Both sims will receive a moodlet at the end.



I hope these 4 objects will add more realism to your game, and I hope you enjoy playing with them as much as I did making them.

Also a big thank you to those who participated in my poll last week, I’m off to work on a very exciting new project and I will keep you guys posted!


Fixed an error that caused the food truck and car track package file to not open when using S4S Start or TSRW


  • Fixed a tuning error from the crib that was introduced in the high school patch


  • Fixed a pronoun error in the play dough moodlet
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