• December 24, 2021

No more T-Pose during Child Birth at the Hospital


Merry Christmas everyone!🥳🎉

As my patrons already know I have been working on a realistic child birth mod which means I have been working closely with the child birth part of the game, and I was fortunate enough to find a fix for the infamous T-pose during child birth


although its not a huge game breaking bug it does take away the realism and ruins a moment that’s supposed to be special in your sims life. Please note this is only supposed to be a temporary fix until EA patches it up at which point I will take this down.

A huge thank you to Mizore Yukii, I wouldn’t have found a way to fix it so fast if it wasn’t for her! she makes amazing mods including a functional broom which she released recently, so be sure to check out her patreon

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