• August 6, 2023

Modding Diary – Pitocin




Hi Guuuuuuys!😏

This week I finished the pitocin animation. It took me forever and a half and I had to fight off a dozen of bugs but it all worked out in the end.

Here is what the animation looks like:

Your sim will get into the hospital bed



And the doctor will pull out a tray of medical supplies



the doctor pulls over the IV stand


and your sim will extend their arm


the doctor will look for the veins


and use a cotton ball to disinfect


and takes out a tiny little IV needle, your sim will look away because getting poked by a needle is terrifying no matter how old you are


and ouch



the doctor will flush the IV with saline to make sure its unobstructed



and connects the IV tubing




and that’s pretty much the whole animation.

Originally I wanted to animate the tubing but despite my best effort I could not make it look flexible and organic, 😔it was stiff like metal wire so I decided to scrap it entirely and just make the tubing magically appear. I know many of you have been asking for umbilical cords but the reason why I havent added it yet is because its extremely difficult to animate soft organic objects using traditional 3d animation, there probably is a workaround but I just have not discovered it yet.

Im hoping this pitocin interaction will be used to fix stalled labor as well as speed up dilation. I know there’s a lot more that needs to be taken in to consideration when administering pitocin in real life, but I think I will need to work on the negative affects in a future update as I dont think I have time this time. Right now the only risk you might have after getting pitocin (besides intensified contractions) is your sim might end up needing an emergency C-section(Uterine rupture and dropped fetal heart rate?).

Next week I will work on the second half of this pitocin interaction so that sims will actually have to lie in bed for a few hours as it kicks in.

ETA: Some of you have been asking when this update will be out.

And I think it should be out before the end of the month, I still want to add a blood work interaction but I’m starting to worry if I have enough time, I think I should be able to as long as the second half of the pitocin interaction doesnt give me too much headache.


I hope you all have a fantastic and relaxing weekend! 🥰



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