• August 13, 2023

Modding Diary – Pitocin and Uterine Rupture




Hi guys! I hope you all are well!


This week I worked on the second half of the pitocin interaction. And everything worked according to plan for the most part.😊

So after the doctor give your sim the pitocin IV they will leave the room and give your sim some peace and quiet


your sim will lie there peacefully


but they might also get contractions and look like they are in pain from time to time




Your sim will continue to receive pitocin until they are fully dilated, or you may cancel the interaction early if you dont want them to fully dilate

you will get one of three moddlets letting you know the pitocin is working and is intensifying your sim’s contractions


Getting Pitocin will fix stalled labor, in which case you will get this moodlet, and you may return home to continue your home birth if you wish


however there’s 1% chance you might get uterine rupture from the pitcoin, and start an emergency situation



at this point your sim will need an emergency C-Section, you may ask the doctor to check on the baby



and the doctor will confirm a C-section is needed.


you will then have to click on the surgery machine fora c-section.

And that’s all I have for this week. I still have a few more things that I need to edit including adding cheat options that allow people to opt in or out of uterine rupture. But this interaction is done for the most part.😏

Next week Im hoping to get started on the animation for blood works. It does feel like Im running a little short on time 😔since I want to released this update before the end of the month but I will just try my best.

Now some silly BTS story time.

I was testing the interaction today and waned to make sure the game is forcing sims to give birth via c-section when a uterine rupture happens, and I clicked on the surgery machine to give birth, only for the doctor to give me a route fail (waving arm), 🫥I was really confused because I haven’t touched the c-section tunings(code) in months, so I started going through at my tunings trying to figure out what is happening.  It took me 30 minutes before I realized I edited the layout of the hospital a few weeks ago and forgot to put a door on in the room that had the surgery machine. 😫Needless to say my brain is not braining today. 💀


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Rebecca Asson

Cant wait for this to be available :D


When will all this features become public? I am very excited

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