• July 1, 2023

Modding Diary – Pap Smear??




Hi guys! I hope you all are well!

This week I continued to work on the weaning system, which ended up being surprisingly complex. It might sound silly but a good amount of my time this week was spent making sure the toddler is the one getting weaned, not the adult. I often felt like I didnt have enough brain power because there’s just so much to keep track😵 but I think I finally got it.

Unfortunately that means a lot of what I did this week cannot actually be showcased through screenshots, so I only have a couple of images for you today.

some of you might remember this interaction from last week where you can explain weaning to your toddler if you decided to quit “cold turkey”



I added a couple of buffs for the parents depending on which option you choose, if your explanation was successful you will get a positive moodlet, and if its unsuccessful you will get a negative one:

here are two of the successful moodlets;

(if you decided to tell the truth)


(If you decided to make up an excuse)


I also want to make more early pregnancy exams and screenings. Right now I am working on an interaction that allows sims to get pap smears.

this is what the pap smear exam bed looks like (still a work in progress)


sims will get on like this:





I still need to work on the part where the doctor would come and take a look. Im not planning on adding cancer to the game but perhaps this interaction could work with WW to detect infections and inflammations.

I also want to add:

blood work: sims will actually get their blood drawn to see if there’s any abnormalities to their pregnancy, hopefully this would work nicely with healthcare redux since I know adeepindigo has made lots of pregnancy related symptoms and illnesses.

Pitocin drip: This is something that was suggested by Jobs in my discord server. It is an IV medication used for labor induction. I have been wanting to make something like this for a while as a way to speed up the laboring process and help stalled labor.

Lastly, I published a vote here to see what nickanme I should use for “boobies” in my weaning system, I realize the name “nana” does mean grandmother for some families so I want to see if there’s a more popular alternative, head over here to vote: https://www.patreon.com/posts/85400395?pr=true


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