• September 8, 2023

Modding Diary – Next Steps


Hi Guys! I hope you all are doing well!💜

Where was I last week you ask?

It’s been almost two weeks since the weaning update came out and I hope you all are enjoying the update. 🍼I didn’t make a modding diary last week because I didn’t really have much to share. Some of you might remember me taking about making a NICU update but it requires python scripts and my python skills are at -1 right now. So I spent most of the week last diving into sims python again, and it became pretty clear it’s not something I can master in the next couple of months 😩. It’s frustrating tbh, I wish I could just pick it up the same way I picked up sims xml, but it’s a very different language and more difficult to understand for someone like me who have very little programing background. I am making progress and learning tho but Im doing so very slowly. It can feel stressful at times but I try to remind myself that in order to be good at something you have to be bad at it for a while at the beginning 😏, so Im not giving up by any means.

Next Steps:

So for the next update, I have decided to focus on adding gender reveal party to the game. Many of you have suggested this in the past and I think now is a good time for me to go for it!

The gender reveal party would function like other parties or events in game where you can invite people over to your house and perform varies party activities.

The main goal of the party would be to do a gender reveal either through popping the balloon or cutting the cake




I created the balloon this week and Im pretty happy with how they turned out


Here are some close ups for three of my favorite designs




when sims pop the balloon they will see blue or pink smoke coming out indicating whether its a boy or a girl.

I also want to make a couple of activities for the guests, maybe something like a small blackboard that allow guests to put stickers under which gender they think the baby will be.


or maybe some kind of accessories like these sunglasses that gusts can autonomously pickup and wear during the party


These are just two small activities and Im absolutely open to more suggestions, in fact please give me more suggestions to make this party more fun!

for the non-essential items Im thinking about maybe making some cupcakes, or lemonade dispensers:

2 1

this could be a very cute table where you can put all the snacks and deserts for the party

3 1

This could be a balloon backdrop for the party. Im not sure if I can get mine to look this gorgeous since circles and spheres are illegal in the sims4, but I will try my best

1 1

These are just some inspiration images I found that hopefully will give you an idea of what the party will look like. If you have any suggestions on the kind of decorations, deserts or activities you want to see please leave a comment below!

I will be working n the balloon popping animation next week and I can’t wait to show you!😉 I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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Celina Jones

Hey,sorry if I’m late but I have a few suggestions.I think like maidens or wife tales they are called(I’m not sure sorry)like for example if you have more healthy craving it’s a boy and more sweet it’s a girl,like fun guessing games.also maybe in advance you could take a guess at what the gender is good to be and you can chose it and change it at anytime.toddler,kids,etc,could also announce if they want a brother or a sister.everyone could be able to make a speech at the baby shower.maybe do other baby shower games like “hot potato”?(the one where you pass baby small baby shower gifts around in a diaper).for food maybe like cookies,brownies,vegetables and meat &cheese trays.you maybe could also do people going up to the pregnant couple and telling them their guesses.their could be congratulations and hugs or the opposite. I’m so sorry if this is a lot I hope your having a good day or night.thanks for reading

Celina Jones

Oh and last thing you could have all the other sims give the pregnant couple better baby shower gifts and have them be set on a pretty table as well😁

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