• June 9, 2023

Modding Diary – Next Steps??




Hi guys! I hope you all are doing well! 

I’ve been spending the majority of my last two weeks fixing bugs, and I have good news and bad news.

🙌The good news is I was able to fix the bug where the lactation keeps coming back, as well as the bug where the “check baby bump” interaction is showing up for all sims. I also added a new feature to the dilation system so that sims will now dilate at different speed, a sim can fully dilate in as little as 5 hours if they are lucky. This feature along with the bug fixes will be released when the early pregnancy update becomes public.

👎The bad news is I spent almost a week trying to fix the toddler crib but I still couldn’t get it working 🥴 It’s really frustrating and I honestly don’t know what to do at this point because I feel like im in a dead end. So Im temporarily putting it on the shelf, and maybe I will try again if I ever figure out a way to approach it in a different way. 

now comes the question what’s next? 

I’ve been trying to figure out what I should make next. And frankly I have no idea lol. I spent some time looking into making an NICU update for the child birth mod since its a popular request, all I can say right now is it is possible, but it’s going to be very difficult, if I want to make it in a way with minimum override I would need to be able to create python scripts, but my python skill is still pretty bad right now even though Im really enjoying the learning process, so I dont think I will be able to create the NICU update in the next couple of month. 

What do you think I should work on next? if there any suggestions or critiques you have for the child birth mod? or would you like me to create some infant toys now that infants are out? 

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