• July 30, 2023

Modding Diary – New Hospital Bed And Pitocin




Hi Guys! I hope you all are well.

Last week I showed you guys the new hospital bed I was working on in blender, and luckily sims4 studio received an update earlier this week and allowed me to put the animation in game.

It pretty much look exactly like it did in blender:

sims getting in bed





sims sleeping in the bed



Unfortunately it took me most of the week getting the animation to work properly😔I was having all kinds of bugs and at one point the sim would float in the air after getting in bed and wont wake up after they go to sleep. All that has been fixed but I wish it would’ve gone a little smoother.

Today I was able to get started with the pitocin animation. It’s still a very early work in progress and Im just gonna show the animation in blender.

the doctor will stand next to the bed


and pulls a tray of medical supplies out of thin air/his pocket 🤪



he sets the tray down on the hospital bed, which is probably against hospital protocols but oh well


and pulls the iv stand closer


and asks the patient to extend his arm



and the doctor sim reaches out to locate the vein


and that’s all i have for now. for the rest of the animation the doctor should insert the IV, maybe flush it with saline, and connect the iv to the pitocin. Your sim will remain in bed with the iv for maybe 30-45 sim minutes. This interaction could also be used to give blood transfers or other fluids in the future when sims can have longer postpartum stays.

Im not super thrilled how long this interaction is taking me, but there’s nothing much I can do besides working my hardest and trying my best. I used to put a lot of pressure on myself to get things dong as soon as possible and would often get very stressed and beat myself up when things gets delayed D :. But that resulted in me getting very burned out and feeling unmotivated for a long time. So I have learned to be more kind to myself and just enjoy the process. : )

Im very excited to animate the actual IV!


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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