• August 21, 2023

Modding Diary – Blood work, Mod Release ETA



Hi guys! I hope your week was better than mine!

I spent the vast majority of my week last week being sick 🫠 Which sucked because I had so much worked that needed to be done and I couldn’t do anything besides lying in bed. I don’t get sick easily and the last time I had a fever was at least 4 years ago, and I almost forgot just how awful it feels😫 But I am recovering and finally feeling like myself again today.

Because I couldn’t do much all week I had to simplify the blood work animation and here is what the animation looks like:

you can click on the hospital bed and select “Get blood work”



the doctor will walk next to the bed and write on his little note pad.


and talk to your sim


he will look for veins


and take out a needle


and poke your sim




he will remove the needle once the vial is filled with blood. You can’t see it in this screenshot but the vial does turn red


and dab your sims arm with a cotton ball to stop the bleeding


and tada, all done!


I want this interaction to be able to work hand in hand with RPO, healthcare redux and even WW to detect any kind of physical illnesses your sim might have (including STIs and pregnancy illnesses), I still need to reach out to the awesome creator which is what I will be working on next week.

Now for the release date: Im looking to release this update by Sunday the 27th, maybe even earlier if things go smoothly! So see you guys at the release! 💟

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