• June 16, 2023

Modding Diary – Birth Certificate and Breastfeed Toddlers





Hi Guys! I hope you all are well.

Last week I asked you what you want  to see me work on next and first of all I want to thank you for your overwhelming response! 😍I read through every single comment on my patreon and twitter and I have been taking notes on your suggestions and I wrote down some of the ideas that I liked. I will be going through the comments again so that I can identify the most popular requests.

There were two suggestions that I liked a lot and started working on immediately.

The first one is a more detailed birth certificate which was suggested by Miss Boo.

when sims give birth using the childbirth mod they will receive a special birth certificate that can be edited


this birth certificate contains information like name and size of the baby at birth.

the cool thing is there are 50 different weight and size combinations, so you are unlikely to get two birth certificate with the exact same information (unless you are doing the 100 baby challenge lol) which hopefully will make each birth certificate feel more unique



you will however need to enter the baby name manually, because the game cannot retrieve that information automatically. You can also edit the birth details and add things like gender, time of birth, or date of birth if you’d like.


the other thing I have been working on is allowing sims to breastfeed toddlers. 

This is a feature I been meaning to make for a while, I didnt do it sooner because I knew a while ago someone else within the modding community was already working on this, but I dont think they ever finished their animation and they sort of just disappeared. D :

So now I will make it myself! Sims that are lactating can click on their toddlers and select “Breastfeed”, Toddlers can also request to be breastfed by clicking on the parent.

(please keep in mind this is still a work in progress)








Obviously the adult sim will remove their top in the final version.

Next week I will work on finishing this animation and see if I can get the adult to sit down. I also want to create a weaning system so that toddlers might throw tantrums if you decide to wean them. Im trying to do some research on what the weaning process is like but with all the reddit communities shutting down it’s been a little challenging (yes I do a lot of my research on reddit lol, I find it really helpful reading firsthand stories). So if you have any experiences with breastfeeding toddlers or weaning them, please leave a comment below.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


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