• December 21, 2020

Kids Trampoline

Sleeping panda

Chinese translations by GreenOnionC

Czech translations by Mika Aoi Lovett

French translations by Kimikosoma can be downloaded here

Polish tranlstions by kolorfobia

Swedish Translations by namelessperson98

Spanish Translations by CindySims

07.21.21 updated for cottage living patch

Hi luvs, hope you all are well!

as you all know I’m currently in the middle of making the farming cow mod and in my spare time (I have spare time?!) I made this kids trampoline as a side project. This trampoline can be used by children and toddlers, it fills their needs for fun and also increase their movement/motor skill ( a good way to farm some skills). If you watch your children playing you might catch them doing backflips and front flips! if you let your children play without interrupting them they will also gain a special moonlet after playing.

This trampoline comes in 2 styles and both functions the same, the reason I made 2 is because I made the one with the mesh screen first but then realized its a little too big for indoor uses ;'(

so I hope you enjoy and thank you again for your support! I will update you soon!

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