• August 9, 2022

How to Fix: My sim spawns at the wrong place is invisible after arriving at the hospital


A few people have been having issues where they sim spawns at the wrong spot and is invisible after arriving at the hospital, here is what you can do to fix it:

first of all downloaded the newest update, as of Nov 2022 the newest version is v3_3, that will change once a new update comes out, I normally pin the newest version on my twitter https://twitter.com/PandaSamaSims4 so check before you download 

Make sure you delete all old versions from your mods folder

Next go in game and find your pregnant sim, and select “Have Baby at Hospital”


make sure you take someone from the same household with them 


you will see your sim is still in the wrong spot and is invisible


double click on the sim you took with the pregnant sim and focus the camera on them 


then send the pregnant sim home temporarily


after they have left the lot, click on the pregnant sim and select “Bring xxxx Here” to bring them back


this time they will spawn at the right place. However they are only here as a visitor, you need to restart the “have baby at hospital” interaction


so click on them and select “Have Baby at Hospital” “join



you should see a red beating heart icon above their head, that means the interaction is successful, they can proceed to give birth


This should fix the issue permanently, meaning they should no longer spawn at the wrong spot and be invisible next time they come to the hospital. 

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