• July 3, 2021

Discord Server Is now open

Sleeping panda

Hi guys! With the help from one of my patreons, I was able to create a discord server exclusive to my patreon community! and it seems like 200+ people got added to the server as soon as I connected my discord to patreon, I’m so sorry for the confusion, I thought it there was going to be an invite or something first but it just automatically poured everyone in D : 

here is a invite link to those who didn’t get added and would like to join https://discord.gg/xbGrTWW8Zc

the discord server would just be a place for people to hangout, and it would be easier for me to interact with you guys in real time. It also would be a great place for me to get feedbacks, I hope to see you all there! 🥰

if you have any difficulties joining please let me know! I’m very new to discord servers and I’m still tryin to figure out how it works. Of you have any suggestions on the server, pleas feel free to contacting me as well!

if you don’t have a discord, you can of course still reach me through dm! ☺️

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