• February 11, 2021

Dairy Cow Mod

Sleeping panda

Update 2021 August 24th:

  • Updated (unrelated to patch) to fix a bug with the grocery delivery system where the milk and meat would not be delivered after purchasing. The milk has also been updated to be placed inside picnic baskets. You only need to re-download the Cow_Milk_Bottle and main cow file, you can ignore the harvestable file.

Update 2021 July 30th:

The cow is now updated for the 1.77 patch, as well as a couple of minor bugs fixed and some improvements:

  • You will be able to collect milk and meat again after the 1.77 patch. Tags have been updated to work with CoL ingredient system. SCCO tags will be updated later once Srsly is done on her end.
  • The grass system for the cow has been redone and is now more reliable. Now when you move the cow around it will automatically know if it’s on grass or not. If you were experiencing disappearing cows, it’s likely because they weren’t realizing they were on grass and were starving.
  • The haybales now default to “Enabled (On)” when placed down so that they automatically feed the cows, as people were forgetting to turn them on. They also completely turn off now when choosing that option.
  • The signs will no longer moo before purchasing a cow, lol.
  • Thumbnails and names are now fixed and will no longer show the llama image.
  • The sad buff and notifications for collecting meat at high friendship are now fixed.
  • The pistachio and ginger cannister that says cherry has now been fixed (along with any other similar cases).
  • Plasma milk now fills vampire thirst.
  • Milk prices have been adjusted, some milks will be cheaper/cost more than others slightly (much like real life).
  • Translations added from the following people (harvestable translations not added yet): German by Helene912, French by Candyman, Traditional Chinese by ShushanR, Simplified Chinese by GreenOnionC, Spanish by Geosims, Portuguese by Play_Luque, Polish by Simgata
  • In our next cow update we will have more minor improvements and compatibility with CoL, and then the updates after that will include new features that we can’t wait to show you! We also have other animals and objects coming later!


*fixed an issue that caused the name of social interactions to not show up.(if you are experiencing this issue, update by redownloading TheFarmingCommittee_PandasamaMizoreYukiiIcemunmun_Cow-2.package and replace the old file)

It’s finally here! After months of working on it, we finally finished our dairy cow mod! 

download everything in the attachment, unzip the zip files and place everything in your mods folder.

This cow include the following features:

  •     Buy dairy cow (7 swatches available)
  •     Rename Cow
  •     Feed hay or special seeds by opening the “Treat bag for cow” 
  •     Collect milk, milk varies depending on what you fed the cow
  •     Sell milk
  •     Drink milk, which gives you many different special moodlets 
  •     Talk to the cow and build/destroy your friendships
  •     Pet the cow, hidden interaction which unlocks when friendship is higher than 30
  •    Tell secret, hidden interaction which unlocks when friendship is higher than 50
  •     Meat collection (must be enabled through shift-click) that allows you to send your cow away and collect its meat

Additional objects that can be found in build/buy mode: 

  • “Treat bag for cow” which allows you to collect 18 special seeds upon opening, there are 15 type of seeds in total, if you download the add on file under this post, you will unlock 12 of them, the other 3 (coconut, plasma fruit, soya bean) are seeds from expansion packs, you must own the expansion pack for them to appear. These seeds can also be planted in your garden which allows you to harvest after the plant matures. 


  • “Hay” which you can buy and feed your cow with to get plain milk.


“Hay Bale” “Hay Pile” both allow you to collect hay,

 *If your cow is placed on grass, it will automatically eat when its hungry and will not die from starvation. If your cow is not placed on grass, you need to feed it manually, OR place “Hay Bale” or “Hay pile” within 9 tile of the cow, and click to “Enable-Auto Eating”, then your cow would automatically eat as if they are on grass.


  • “Milk Canister””Milk bottle” allows you to have a quick drink of milk.

Additonal information: 

all interactions are available for child-adult sims

cows can be fed every 4 hours, you can collect milk immediately after feeding, your sim will likely autonomously do so.

If your cow is full, you will not be able to feed it, Hover your mouse over the cow to check its stats.

if your sim has friendship with a cow, and the cow is starving and not placed on grass, your sim will autonomously feed it with any seed or hay they have in their inventory.

collecting hay gives your sim special moodlet “fresh hay”

purchasing new cow gives moodlet “New cow”

If your friendship is above 70 with a cow and you send the cow away for meat, you will get moodlet “Lost a Friend”

petting cow gives moodlet “Divine Bovine”

Drinking milk gives you a number of different moodlets depending on the type of milk, try them out!

Cow will die of old age eventually, you will get an notification once your cow is getting close to the end of its days.

Potential bug (aka a bug only I’m experiencing lol) the energy of the cow turns into “None” and it wont go to sleep, if this happens just shift-click on the cow to “Refill Energy” and it should bring it back onto the right track

if you can please check out Mizore Yukii https://www.patreon.com/MizoreYukii 

and Icemunmun https://www.patreon.com/icemunmun , it has been a huge pleasure working with them, we were able to accomplish so much together as a team, and we have many more features planned for the cow so stay tuned for future updates!

this mod include 2 parts, the main mod and the add ons, all of which can be downloaded in the attachments. the main download include the cow, hay objects, and treat bag, and regular milk. The add ons include custom milk and custom harvestable. the harvestalbe file are files that icemunmun has already released throughout the years, so if you have downloaded all her harvestables previously, you will not need this add on pack. If you dont have her harvestable files, just download the add on and install as usual. If you only has some of the harvestables, pick and choose which one you need from this link: https://icemunmun.blogspot.com/p/harvestables-list-of-harvestables-1.html?m=1 the list you need is: Almond, Banana, Cardamom, Chickpea, Cocoa, Pistachio, Ginger, PineTree, Rice

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