• April 18, 2022

Child Birth Mod V1c (outdated)



added compatibility with woohoo wellness to support pregnancy wish sentiments, surrogacy, paternity module and insemination markers

Hi Guys! the child birth mod is now officially in version V1b.

Note:  This mod does not work on legacy’s Edition

 few issues were fixed in this update:

◾ Fixed an issue that caused the “call companion” option to not show up for sims who are getting a C-section

◾Fixed an issue that caused the labor buff to appear on companion sim, they should no longer get sympathy pain after this update 

◾Pregnant sim should be much less likely to keep getting on and off the exam bed repeatedly

◾Sims should now have better facial expressions during child birth

 New Feature In This Update

Added the dilation, epidural and give birth option to the exam bed as well as the surgery machine, this is especially helpful for people who are experiencing lagging when playing in a large hospital. clicking on the exam bed or surgery machine to initiate the interaction should significantly reduce the time the game takes to respond 







Laundry list for the next update: 

◾ body deformation during birth for male sims

◾ disappearing pp during child birth when using mods that give your sim pps

Known conflict:

any cc surgery machine

Scientist work at home mod by YourFalseHope

Possible Conflict:

Birth Certificate mod by LittleMissSam

learn to read mod by baniduhaine

unzip the .zip file and nothing else PLEASE DO NOT UNZIP .ts4script

Polish Translation by livi-sims can be downloaded here 

French translations and instructions by KimikoSoma can be downloaded here 

French translation by CanDYS can be downloaded here  

Chinese translations by GreenOnionC

Dutch Translations by Jill Toetje

German translations by Tabu La Rasa can be downloaded here

Italian translations by ISY

Spanish Translations by Simlish⁴

additional Spanish translations by CindySim

Brazilian Portuguese by NathanSims can be downloaded here

Make sure to download both the script and the package file for this update.

and yes you need to delete the old files before putting the new ones in

IF YOU CAN’T CALL THE OBSTETRICIAN follow this tutorial to make sure your script file is installed correctly: https://www.patreon.com/posts/64133309


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