• June 10, 2022

Child Birth Mod (outdated)



08.09 V2c_3:

  • Fixed an issue that causes sim to spawn in the wrong spot and become invisible after arriving at the hospital. This update is recommended for all players. Heres a tutorial on how to fix it if you are having this issue https://www.patreon.com/posts/70297657?pr=true 



this update is recommended for all players



This update is not required but recommended. 

◼ Added pregnancy test compatibility with WW:

it should now play the correct animation if your sim got pregnant through WW,  You will need to download the latest WW (WickedWhims v170e) for this to work!

◼Fixed an issue that caused the “take family leave” option to not appear on companion sim

◼Weight gain after birth is halved

◼Added a cheat menu that allows you to toggle birth related settings, 

Shift-click on your sim to bring up this menu


◼You can now disable “woohoo induced labor” if you dont want your sims pregnancy or dilation to be affected by woohoo


06.12: Fixed a scripting error in the log if you don’t have wicked whims installed

Public release date: June 24th

🔆🔆Get to Work is required for this mod! make sure to call the obstetrician before your sim goes to the hospital! 🔆🔆

The Early labor update is finally here! 😍

This update focuses on adding new interactions for your sim to perform during early stage of labor.

New Interactions included in this update:

Breathing Exercise:

clicking on the exam bed will now allow your sim to “Do Breathing Exercise”, doing so will help your sim speed up their dilation



they will get 1 of 3 moodlets once the interaction is complete


Swaying with Partner:

After arriving at the hospital your sim can now “Sway Together” with their birth companion or any sim they have a romantic relationship or friendship with. This interaction will also speed up their dilation by a small amount.



(you might see a brief animation glitch when speeding up the game during this interaction, I will fix it as soon as i figure out how)

both sims will get one of 3 moodlets after the interaction is complete 


Getting A Back Massage:

Pregnant sim can ask their partner for a back massage, doing so when they are in labor will speed up their dilation by a small amount.



both sim will get a moodlet after the interaction is complete 


Take Pregnancy Tests:

A new “Take Pregnancy Test” interaction is added to the game, This interaction adds a new animation for taking the pregnancy test and it does not override the one from the game, and you can tell them apart by the icon



if your sim is pregnant they will have a surprised reaction 


if they are not pregnant they will just shrug and not have any reaction


Taking A Bath Or Shower to Induce Labor

In labor sims can now take a bath or shower to induce labor, just bath or shower as usual and your sim will get one of the following moodlet when they are done, doing so also speeds up their dilation by a small amount 


Woohoo to Induce Labor

Once your sim is in the third trimester, any type of woohoo will have 60% chance to speed up their pregnancy by 2 points. (including WW). (It takes about 26 points for a sim to go from the 3rd trimester to in  labor.) They will also have 60% chance to get this moodlet (also compatible with WW.)


woohooing using WW after your sim arrive at the hospital will also  increase their dilation slightly but they will not receive any moodlet.

Lastly, a total of 7 new moodlets are added to 3 phases of “hospital time”, “settling in” and “its almost time”. A very special thanks to Bjorndaunicorn :https://twitter.com/bjorndaunicorn for writing these amazing moodlets. These moodlets add 3 new emotions to the birth experience and hopefully will make each hospital visit feel more unique. 


I hope you all enjoy this update💗I will be taking some time off from modding but I will be back in about a week and a half. I will still be around for mod support or emergency bug fixes if needed! It’s just I havent really had any proper time off for two years now and I feel like I need to take a proper break before I can move forward to work on home birth and water birth which I know many of you are very excited about : )

Bug fixes in this version: 

  • Fixed an issue that caused the texture of the birthing bed to look funky if the surgery machine isn’t using the first swatch
  • Pregnant sim can now do more interactions and social interactions
  • removed the “call companion” interaction when clicking on the pregnant sim, the option is only supposed to show up on your sims phone
  • Fixed a bug that caused carefree sims to not get phase 1 and 2 moodlets 

and yes you need to delete the old files before putting the new ones in

IF YOU CAN’T CALL THE OBSTETRICIAN follow this tutorial to make sure your script file is installed correctly: https://www.patreon.com/posts/64133309

For Mod Conflict and common mistakes please visit here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/65526605

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