• October 5, 2022

Outdated version. Old post.


Newest version can be found here


Update 11-23: V3_3

This update is not required unless you want to fix the following issues

Delete the old version before putting the new one in!!!!!

  • Fixed an issue that caused midwife to not show up on some lots
  • Midwifes should no longer have the “hates children” trait
  • Fixed an issue that caused sims to not take their pants off during dilation checks at home
  • Added compatibility with Lumpinou’s Memory mod
  • Sims should now get the C-Section moodlets from Healthcare Redux when doing C-sections
  • Fixed an issue that caused trans sims (Through wicked whim) to grow penises during home birth animation

Get to work is required for this mod

The update is finally here! 😊 Public Release Oct 26th, 2022

Please read the instructions before playing with this update:

1. Before installing the update, make sure you remove the old version of the child birth mod from your mods folder.

2. Call the obstetrician when your sim is in the second trimester and select “Home Birth”


Doing so will prevent your sim from giving birth at the bassinet automatically when they are go into labor.

3. Select “Start Home Birth” once your sim is in labour ‼️‼️This is important‼️‼️


4. You should see a red beating heart icon above your sims head, if it disappears at any point while your sim is in labor, repeat step 3 to get it back


5. if this is your first time playing the child birth mod: you can ask a sim to “accompany child birth” which makes them your birth partner, you need 30+romance or 70+ friendship for this interaction to show up. A birth partner is mandatory for interactions such as “sway together” “Ask for Back Massage” “Cuddle With Partner”, as well as Bed Birth(romantic partners recommended).


6. Early labor activities from the hospital can now be performed at home.

If this is your first time playing the child birth mod, early labor activities are interactions you can do to speed up your sims’s dilation and ease their contractions.

you can:

click on your sim to “Go For A walk

click on a “yoga ball” (purchase from Build and Buy Mode) to “Exercise” or “Ask for a Back Massage

click on a bed to”Do Breathing Exercise

click on a bath tub or a shower take a bath or a shower

click on a birth partner to “Sway Together”


7. Your sim will get contraction moodlets throughout early labor. Performing Early Labor activities will help the contraction to go away quickly


8. A new early labor activitiy named “Cuddle With Partner” can now be performed by clicking on a birth pool(Purchase from build and buy)


9. You may “Call Midwife” once you feel your sim is close to giving birth. You may do so whenever you like, but keep in mind they charge 120simoleon/hr.  You will get a notification and a midwife will show up at your door after a few minutes


10. You can get your dilation checked by clicking on a midwife.

This interaction can also be performed on any sim with a medical career


11. If you want to do water birth, you must purchase a birth pool from build and buy


and leave plenty of space around it when placing it down, failure to do so might cause the bassinet to fail to spawn and yeet the baby into the middle of nowhere.

Heres a tutorial on how to fix it if it happens to you


once your sim is fully dilated they can give birth by clicking on the birth pool. A midwife or a sim with a medical career must be on the lot for this interaction to appear.


12. If you want to do bed birth, you must purchase birth pillows from build and buy. Placing the birth pillow on the bed will make the bed unusable for other interactions such as “do breathing exercise”. so it is recommended you wait till your sim is ready to give birth Before putting it on your bed.

Bed Birth can only be performed with a birth partner, and Romantic partners are highly recommended because of the kissing animation


place the pillows on a double bed, make sure to leave plenty of room on the right side of the bed, the red rectangle indicates where the bassinet will spawn. If there are objects in that area or if the walls are too close the bassinet will fail to spawn and the baby will be yeeted into the middle of no where. Heres a tutorial on how to fix it if it happens to you


once your sim is fully dilated they can give birth by clicking on the birth pillows. A birth partner must be on the lot for this interaction to appear.


13. After your sim gives birth, move the bassinet away THEN sell or destroy the birth pillows or birth pool‼️‼️This is important‼️‼️


If you destroy it before moving the bassinet away your baby will get sent to your household inventory; If you sell it before moving the bassinet away your baby will also get sold; If you age up your baby before moving it away you will get a LE.

So just move the bassinet

14. Do not click on the “Have Baby” option, that’s the EA Have baby interaction and will make your sim give birth with a bassinet


15. You should not travel to a different lot when your sim is in early labor, doing so might mess up their dilation‼️‼️This is important‼️‼️

16. if this your first time playing the child birth mod and you dont want to wait for your sim to get fully dilated and just want them to give birth you can shift click on your sim, “Childbirth Settings” “Give Birth Immediately”



*If a midwife leave randomly another one should appear at your door and take their place.

When a mod first releases it could have unknown issues and unknown mod conflicts, so updates might be coming within a few days if I discover any serious bugs. if you run into any issues please send a message in my discord server: https://discord.gg/Sk5j2yBJwX


follow the link to download the translation file and place it in your mods folder along with the child birth mod

Brazilian Portuguese by Vólusims can be downloaded here (updated for v3_3)

Brazilian Portuguese by Suuhrprise can be downloaded here(updated for v3_3)

French translations and instructions by KimikoSoma can be downloaded here (updated for v3_3)

Chinese Traditional by MeowCats can be downloaded here (updated for v3_3)

German translations by Yvo Nne can be downloaded here (updated for V3)

German Translations by Micase can be downloaded here (updated for V3_3)

Italian Translations by Isy can be downloaded here (updated for v3_3)

Polish Translations by Livi can be downloaded here (updated for V3_3)

Spanish Translations by Simlish⁴ can be downloaded here (updated for v3)

and yes you need to delete the old files before putting the new ones in

IF YOU CAN’T CALL THE OBSTETRICIAN follow this tutorial to make sure your script file is installed correctly: https://www.patreon.com/posts/64133309

For Known Mod Conflict and common mistakes please visit here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/65526605

Special Thanks to:


Lot 51


Update log:

Update 11-04: V3_2 ✨✨✨

  • Fixed an issue that causes midwife to leave when their shift at the hospital starts.
  • Fixed an issue that caused midwife to keep re-appearing after dismissed.

(if you still have issues with midwife after this update please contact me)

  • Enlarged the footprint for the birth pool and birth pillows to include the space for the bassinet
  • You can now save, go to CAS, or travel to another lot without make the dilation to reset
  • Fixed an issue that caused the final hospital birth moodlet to appear before sim is fully dilated
  • Sims can now sleep or do breathing exercise with the birth pillow on the bed however their face will clip through the pillow, and if a sim is sleep on the bed and you click “have baby”, they will give birth on top of the sleeping sim.
  • Added tooltip to birth interactions
  • “Having baby delivered” is renamed to “Have Baby”

Update 10-11: V3_1

This update is mandatory for all players, please re download the file at the bottom of this post✨✨✨✨✨

  • Midwives should no longer cook a bunch of meals
  • Fixed an issue that caused the dilation timer to get added to non pregnant sims
  • Midwives should no longer show up while in labor
  • Taking a bath and exercising on the yoga ball increase dilation twice as much as before
  • Added fail safe to prevent in-labor moodlet from sticking around after birth
  • Partner sims will no longer get the “procedure is a success” notification
  • the Remove Dilation cheat now remove all early labor moodlets
  • Fixed an issue that caused the given “birth before” to not get assigned after birth


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