• April 24, 2022

Child Birth Mod Conflict and Common Mistakes



Known conflict:

▪ Baby Momma, mom trait by MuvaSimmer

(sim cant give birth)

▪ Any cc surgery machine

(sim cant reach the surgery machine when its time to give birth)

▪ Scientist work at home mod by YourFalseHope

(sim cant reach the surgery machine when its time to give birth, Deleting [FalseHope_ScienceAtHome_Objects.package] should fix this issue.)

▪ Any mods that “unlocks” the surgery machine

(sim cant reach the surgery machine when its time to give birth)

▪ Hot Girl Mod by SeSeSimmi

(sim cant give birth )

▪ University – Required Degree… but for promotions! by Zero

( no staff at the hospital)

▪ Royalty MOD by IIazyneiph

( the “have baby at hospital” pop up will keep re-appearing on your screen after your sim is already at the hospital, to fix it, manually remove your sims title which you can add back once they finish giving birth)

Possible Conflict:

▪ Birth Certificate mod by LittleMissSam

( animation for skin to skin contact will not play)

▪ Learn to read mod by baniduhaine

(give birth interaction cancels immediately)

Common Mistakes

Do NOT buy the child birth bed or surgery bed from build and buy and place them in your hospital, doing so will cause the give birth interaction to cancel itself, you can only place down surgery machines


the “Give Birth” option will not appear if you are playing a household with 8 or more sims

If you cannot see the “Call Obstetrician” option on your sims phone even when they are in their second trimester, follow this tutorial to make sure the mod is installed correctly: https://www.patreon.com/posts/64133309 

If you are still having unsolved issues please join my discord and send a message there: https://discord.gg/Sk5j2yBJwX 

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