• September 10, 2020

Bunk Bed Update + New Designs

Sleeping panda

you can download on TSR if you don’t have a Patreon account

Updated July 30, 2022

  • Fixed the issue where the bottom mattress would disappear immediately upon placeing after the high school patch was introduced. 

Updated July 21, 2021

  • bottom mattress updated for cottage living patch, all other files are unaffected.

to update just move the PandaSama_bottom Mattress.package to your mods folder and replace the old file.

Updated Jan 29, 2021

  • Assign bed feature added and is functional
  • sim now can auto sleep on top bunk if it’s assigned to them when they are tired.

Hello everyone!!

download attached file, unzip and move files to your mods folder and replace any files under the same name. 

So I made some updates on my previously released bunk bed using things I have learned in the past few months:

-Sims no longer do the walk from next to the ladder to the front of the ladder. they now start directly in front of the ladder. (in other words, no more weird walking animation)

– Added the “zZ” effect for when they are asleep ( yup I just recently learned how to do that)

-Adjusted the “footprint” of all bunk beds. Translations: now they snap properly and you no longer have to use free placement to get them to line up, however if you already have bunk beds placed in your house prior to downloading the new package, the beds will likely be placed in a weird position, you will have to re-adjust them real quick. 

I also made a new style of bunk beds as well as 4 new bedding designs

the new bunk bed comes with 9 different swatches. 

The new bedding use the same mattresses, you should just see 4 new swatches along with the old ones.

All content are included in the attached ZIP file. You do not need to download the free version if you download this one.

How to install

Download the ZIP file and replace all previous package files with the same name in your mods folder. 

Lastly, my collaboration  with Ravasheen is still in the process, I try to put out new content every month but because our collaborated project is much more complicated than anything I have done, Im afraid it might take longer, which is why I created this for you guys in the meantime. But everything is coming together very nicely, I can’t wait to share it with you guys!!

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