• October 11, 2020

Beautiful Garden+ Lovely Florist Mod

Sleeping panda

2021-11-15 Beautiful Garden Update:

Fixed an issue that cause the bluebell flower to show up as purple question mark texture when playing on laptop mode

Fixed an issue that cause the bush to disappear when the plant is dry.

Fixed an issue that cause the bush to disappear when it is first sprouted.

2020-10-21update: Fixed missing texture issue on Bluebell plant in Beautiful Garden Mod .

*Seasons Pack is required!

This mod will give your gardening flowers and flower arrangements a brand new look!

affected gardening flowers are: Begonia, Chrysanthemum, Orchid, Rose, Snapdragon, Bluebell and Tulip. 

your sims can now create better Flower Arrangements, each vase is unique and gives your arrangements a completely different feel. 

If you want to keep your arrangements, make sure to scent it with bluebell (require skill level4 and above average quality) so that your flowers will stay fresh forever!

Hopefully with this mod, your sims can now create something that you can proudly put on display!

Game Performance information

All gardening flowers uses2 LODs and the overall poly counts stayed the same, texture sizes are 128×128.

Flower arrangement poly counts stayed the same and texture size were increased by 50%. 

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